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e-Student Life Fair 2020

This year's Student Life Fair will be taking place online from 10 - 14 August, with a focus on the NUS Arts Groups on 12 August. Here is the list of events!

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Live Chats on Zoom

10, 11, 13, 14 August

11am, 3pm and 8pm

(each session lasts for 30 min)

Come chat with our members over Zoom and ask any questions you have about NUSDE! Participants are required to sign in with their NUS account to join the Zoom sessions.


Do note that the session on 10 August 8pm will be recorded and broadcasted live on our Facebook page. We will be doing a presentation about DE's history, style and trainings etc. during this session.


12 August

2.30pm - 3.30pm

Centre For the Arts (CFA) oversees 21 student arts excellence groups in music, dance, theatre and film. Find out more about NUSDE and what we do through an introduction video that we've specially prepared for you. CFA TV will be aired on CFA's Youtube Channel so be sure to catch us there!

CFA Groups Panel

12 August

7.45pm - 8.30pm​


Join us as we have conversations with other CFA groups about what makes the experiences in each group so special! We will be chatting with our friends from various other dance, theatre & film groups, giving you the opportunity to explore our similarities and differences, and understand CFA better as a whole.

Video Montage

10 August

We created a compilation of NUSDE's past performances in this 10 min video to give you a better idea of our dance style. The video will be up on our Youtube Channel on 10 August, so feel free to watch it at your own time!

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