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Evocation 2022:

What drives growth and the pursuit of a goal? Is it fame, fortune, or validation?  

NUS Dance Ensemble (NUS DE) presents Evocation 2022: Affirmations, an evening of captivating choreography featuring 8 innovative choreographers from the dance community of NUS Dance Ensemble including our Artistic Director, Zaini Mohammad Tahir, members, alumni, and guest choreographers. 

Looking back on the past three decades, NUS Dance Ensemble has walked on a path that was self-forged, collecting a multitude of stories that make up the treasure trove of our identity and history.  These stories are woven into a tapestry of adventure- anticipating the journey ahead of all the things that affirm, inspire, and transform.

Experience the thread that connects us all.

DE Evo22 - 1138 [JKV06520.ARW].jpg

by NUS Dance Ensemble

Click Here for Programme Booklet


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