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About | Evocation & The Next Wave

NUS Dance Ensemble holds two annual productions - Evocation and The Next Wave.


Evocation is a platform for younger artists to develop as independent choreographers, providing exposure to the rest of the company in exploring the various specific styles and body movements of different choreographers. Evocation has featured works by many new and budding choreographers, including current undergraduates and alumni.

The Next Wave

The Next Wave is NUS Dance Ensemble’s annual production, a long-running series that has spanned over 20 years. Under the artistic direction of NUS Dance Ensemble’s Resident Choreographer, Zaini Mohd Tahir, The Next Wave aims to showcase thought-provoking and unconventional full-length pieces.


Over the years, NUS Dance Ensemble has worked with numerous notable choreographers, such as Jeffrey Tan, Albert Tiong, Low Mei Yoke (co-founder and Artistic Director of Frontier Danceland), Alden Lugnasin (Resident Choreographer of Ballet Philippines) and Kavitha Krishnan (founder of Maya Dance Theatre). The unique choreographic works that these established choreographers have shared have served to enrich The Next Wave’s and NUS Dance Ensemble’s repertoire immensely.

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