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About | External Collaborations

Beyond being a platform for young dancers and choreographers to gain exposure while developing and honing their skills and techniques, Dance Ensemble seeks to redefine Asian contemporary dance with its strong grounding in tradition and culture, while remaining relevant and forward-looking, highlighting this distinctive dance style locally and abroad.

To that end, the Ensemble has collaborated with international dance companies such as the Hong Kong Dance Company in Dance Teens 2011, La Salle University Dance Company, Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company in the Philippines, International Youth Dance Festival in Macau.

Additionally, NUS Dance Ensemble has also been actively involved in outreach, participating in performances such as the New Prague Dance Festival 2009, where we were awarded “Best Choreography” and “Personal Award from the Director”. We also took part in National Arts Council’s Got to Move (2015), as well as represented NUS and Singapore to perform at the ASEAN Youth Arts Festival in Guizhou, China.

About | Emblazon Momentum Muse (RP/ITE)

Besides holding its own productions, NUS Dance Ensemble also guest performs in several shows held by other schools such as Republic Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education.


Momentum 2017 is Republic Polytechnic’s annual Dance Festival which showcases the best dance talents to be found in schools and institutions of higher learning in Singapore. With the aim to promote dance to the masses and enable them to have a better understanding of the various dance genres, Momentum provides the opportunity for students to learn from their peers and new dance genres. 



Momentum 2017 was in collaboration with Dance Spectrum International, ITE East Kingz, NP New Revolving Age (NRA), NUS Indian Dance, NYP Malay Cultural Group (MCG) Dance, SMU Eurthymic, SP DanceSport Club, RP Capoeira, RP Hip Hop, RP Indian Cultural Group, RP Malay Cultural Group Dharma Tarian, and RP Modern Dance​.

Emblazon is ITE’s annual combined dance concert, organised by ITE Centre for Music and The Arts and Student Development Departments of the 3 ITE Colleges. Emblazon symbolizes the igniting of ITE students’ passion for dance, and showcases the capabilities of ITE talents in staging a professional dance performance.

Amongst the three ITE Colleges (College Central, College East and College West) are established student dance groups who have been performing in external and ITE events. ITE Dance Emblazon allows dance groups to come together in a dance-only concert to showcase their talents and skills.

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