About | Mission & Vision

NUS Dance Ensemble prides itself on having a strong mission and vision, refined every year to set the tone for the year ahead.


To cultivate dancers with a strong understanding and appreciation for the integration of Contemporary techniques with Southeast Asian influences, through rigorous training and proactive learning that promises excellence, maturity and professionalism.


We aim to uphold our core values of Excellence, Versatility and Inquisitiveness.


We strive to provide a supportive and conducive environment for our dancers to pursue their craft, while encouraging them to remain receptive towards trying various dance genres that challenge them out of their comfort zones. 


We aim to be a Southeast Asian contemporary dance group with a unique presence in the local and regional dance scene — committed to showcasing the importance of our roots and culture and highlighting societal issues through championing original works. Through this, we want to inspire our audiences and foster a greater appreciation of dance as an art form.