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Momentum 2017  

in collaboration with

Dance Spectrum International, ITE East Kingz, NP New Revolving Age (NRA), NUS Indian Dance, NYP Malay Cultural Group (MCG) Dance, SMU Eurthymic, SP DanceSport Club, RP Capoeira, RP Hip Hop, RP Indian Cultural Group, RP Malay Cultural Group Dharma Tarian, RP Modern Dance

Momentum - Republic Polytechnic’s Dance Festival, held annually in May since 2008, explores the essence and uncompounded form of each dance form and how it has evolved with society and the environment around us with the theme “Elemental”. Momentum 2017 features ten exciting dance events, including 2 dance workshops, 2 mass workouts, 2 free fringe shows and 1 Hip Hop Competition and 2 arts exhibitions 

Momentum 2017


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