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by NUS Dance Ensemble

Opening the NUS Arts Festival, NUS Dance Ensemble presented 2 items for this show, 'Memories' choreographed by Kow Xiao Jun and 'Remember When' choreographed by Zaini Tahir.

Breaking new boundaries, NUS Dance Ensemble put up a hour piece exploring the idea of lost spaces in Singapore with the heavy use of multimedia and props. 

NUS Arts Festival 2017

Remember When...

NAF17 NUSDE-2529 [_O9A4526]
NAF17 NUSDE-2902 [_O9A4768]
NAF17 NUSDE-2258 [ID5C2778]
NAF17 NUSDE-2440 [ID5C2960]
NAF17 NUSDE-2911 [_O9A4777]
NAF17 NUSDE-2800 [_O9A4707]
NAF17 NUSDE-3416 [_O9A5072]
NAF17 NUSDE-3475 [_O9A5131]
NAF17 NUSDE-3496 [_O9A5136]
NAF17 NUSDE-3517 [_O9A5157]
NAF17 NUSDE-3686 [_O9A5308]
NAF17 NUSDE-3836 [_O9A5411]
NAF17 NUSDE-3224 [_O9A4953]
NAF17 NUSDE-3888 [_O9A5444]
NAF17 NUSDE-3916 [ID5C3437]
NAF17 NUSDE-3863 [_O9A5419]
NAF17 NUSDE-4258 [_O9A5748]
NAF17 NUSDE-4556 [_O9A5955]
NAF17 NUSDE-4278 [_O9A5758]
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